Forex Profit Multiplier Review

by admin on March 7, 2020

Bill Poulos’s System is Claiming that the Unstable Global Economy is Truly Advantageous to Forex Trading.  For Anyone who’s Lost Money Thanks to The State of the World’s Markets Right Now, This Might be a Little Hard to Swallow…

Read on with this Forex Profit Multiplier Review…

Today, probably more so than any time since the last Great Depression, there’s a lot of doom and gloom out there.  Not to mention billions of dollars being lost on the Forexforex profit multiplier Forex Profit Multiplier Review market from small-time traders – just like you.  So when Bill Poulos tells us that rather than running scared we should be embracing these tumultuous times, because the volatile market presents seriously lucrative opportunities, we thought we’d better check out what on earth he’s offering.

Read on as we uncover the dirt on his Forex Profit Multiplier system.

What do you get for your money?

This is an immediate download software, meaning you don’t need to wait those slow, agonizing days for snail mail to deliver the program to your eagerly outstretched, sweaty hand.  Once you buy you can start learning and trading – immediately.

  • Trade Alert Software.  The crux of the program, this is what gives you the spooky ability to virtually see into the future for the next 8 hours.  Once you start it up then your trade alerts predicting the direction for the 6 major Forex pairs over 8 hours will appear.  You then spend just 60 seconds placing your trades.  You don’t even need to be at your trading computer, as the program can send them directly to your email or a text message to your cell phone. Buy shares with this app and boost your shares trading on the go.
  • Module 1 – Background & Overview.  This is where you’ll learn exactly what you can expect to accomplish with the Forex Profit Multiplier course.  Along with detailed trading examples, you get Bill’s personal 6 Forex market recommendations to trade, along with how to avoid the many unreliable brokers and so called “gurus” out there trying to con you into giving them your hard earned dollars.
  • Module 2 – The Impulse Method.  Here you learn exactly how to look at any trading chart and know how to find the setup conditions.  This method is all about how to go after 1 to 5 bar swings in the market at the very beginning of a new trend.  You also learn exactly where to place your entry point, protective stop orders and how to exit a trade and take profits quickly. 
  • Module 3 – The Propulsion Method.  This module concentrates on 1 to 5 bar swings in the markets with the trend when the trend recovers from a corrective move.  Once again, you’ll the all-important entry, exit and protective stop points, so reducing your risk as much as is humanly possible.
  • Module 4 – The Spring+ Method.  Learn how to go after 1 to 5 bar swings in the market when a reversal counter trend move develops.
  • Module 5 – Forex Brokers, Charting Software & Trading Platform.  This is where you’ll gain the step by step training in how to use one of the most popular training platforms – Meta Trader – as well as using the Forex Profit Multiplier indicators.  You’ll also discover how to suss out the very best Forex brokers, and sort the good from the unscrupulous.
  • Module 6 – Bringing It All Together.  By utilizing “real life” trading scenarios, you’ll discover a simple risk management formula that’ll help you determine the specific size of every trade you place using each of the trading methods.
  • Bonus Module – Forex & Trading Basics.  Perfect for the novice trader or those who want a recap.  This invaluable added extra gives you the ability to quickly read Forex charts as though you’ve been doing it for years, as well as the right way to calculate profit and loss for all your trades
  • Reference Manuals.  Covering all the information given in the modules.  Ideal if you’re the kind of person who learns more effectively from the written word.
  • Trading Blueprints.  The major pointers of the complete program in quick read, easy to refer to form.  Designed to be kept by your trading computer so they become ingrained into your brain.
  • The Quick Start Guide.  Does exactly what the title suggests…
  • Member’s Website.  Lifetime access to the member’s website where you can take advantage of bonus training materials and any updates to the Forex Profit Multiplier course.
  • 1 Year of Unlimited Premium Email Support.  Because we all have questions that need answering. 

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Who is it for?

Forex Profit Multiplier has been specifically produced for anyone who either to make a little (or a lot) of extra cash in their spare time, or even those who’re looking to ditch the day job and trade Forex full time.  But, unlike many other programs on the market, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete rookie or you’ve been trading for years.  As long as you can turn on your computer and read the instructions, you can follow the Forex Profit Multiplier program.

And if you’ve been working the markets for a while now and not getting the gains you should, along with sacrificing far too much of your spare time, then this program honestly could prove advantageous to you.  But don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need experience to understand it, because nothing could be further from the truth.  Forex Profit Multiplier is as suitable for the complete rookie as it is for those who’ve been dabbling for years.

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Who is Bill Poulous?

bill poulos forex  Forex Profit Multiplier ReviewThe first thing that you need to know about Mr. Poulos is that he’s been in the Forex game since the mid-1970s.  In the days before computers, he was learning the industry the hard way – including making a good deal of mistakes along the way.  But this isn’t something Bill tries to hide – because as he says, it’s only by making those mistakes that you improve your knowledge.

And his knowledge is certainly pretty formidable, along with having had a phenomenally successful trading career.  Now, as well as continuing to trade, Bill enjoys providing educational material such as Forex Profit Multiplier so others can take advantage of his blood, sweat and tears and become fully fledged independent traders in their own right.

The Pros

  • Forex Profit Multiplier provides you with a blueprint by which you can learn to trade the markets in the most risk free way possible, but still allows you the flexibility to hone your own ability and create your individual way of trading.
  • The program will honestly show you how to cut down the amount of time you need dedicate to your trading each day.  In other words, you can get your freedom back to do those things in life you enjoy – such as play golf, spend time with the family, go fishing – whatever floats your boat, so to speak.
  • You don’t need a bundle of experience to get started.  From novice to experienced, this is a program that all can get to grips with straight away.
  • You honestly will learn how to bring your risks down to the absolute minimum – as well as maximizing the possible amount of profits you can draw from the market.

The Cons

  • Well, it’s not a miracle program.  However much knowledge you have, there will always be a risk involved.  But as long as you take this into account, and trade accordingly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t profit from what is potentially one of the most lucrative markets in living memory.
  • Forex Profit Multiplier contains a lot of information.  But don’t be put off by this, because it also shows you the exact way to follow the program to maximum effect.

The Bottom Line

Well, if you’re looking for an educational tool that’ll give you a fully rounded, virtually risk free way of trading the Forex markets, then this is probably about the best you’re going to get.  Much as we’d love to say otherwise, Bill Poulos has certainly come up trumps.  Whether you just want to dabble, or you want to trade more seriously, Forex Profit Multiplier is possible one of the best educational aids on the market today.  And that sure is saying something!

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35+ year trading expert Bill Poulos just sent me ANOTHER step-by-step training video that reveals what he calls, “The #1 Forex profit-taking exit strategy”,or: His F-R-E-E Trade Strategy

You’ll also learn why reward to risk ratios of 3:1 or 2:1 are NOT necessary to create a consistent, predictable stream of income trading Forex…

(and how you might actually be setting yourself up to fail if you chase these kinds of ratios)

See it here…
pic rr ratio 500 #1 Forex Profit Maximizer profit taking exit strategy revealed

This video lesson has very “actionable” content - stuff you can use right now, so make sure you don’t miss out.

p.s. Bill just released his enhanced Forex Profit Multiplier trade alert software yesterday, and the rumor is that he’ll be pulling it off the market later this week, so make sure you get in on his 60 day trialif you’re on the fence.


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Forex Profit Multiplier Video 1

by admin on March 12, 2020

A few years ago, Bill Poulos solved the #1 request his Forex trading students from all around the world had been asking him for:

* “How can I make MORE money in LESS time, even if I’m not a technical Forex ‘geek’?”

To do this properly, he had 2 big challenges:

1. How to shorten the time needed to actively find & manage the highest probability, lowest risk trades…

2. How to give you total control to manage these trades to completion, so your portfolio is protected at all times…

After a LOT of research and testing, he ended up training THOUSANDS of students from all around the world how to MULTIPLY their profit potential in these highly lucrative markets in 60 seconds or less of active trading using a pretty unusual technique.

The trading results from his approach have been SHOCKING, especially in the past 2 months - as you’re about to see.

Now, he’s finally ready to reveal the ENHANCED version of his Forex trading approach, and it all starts in this Forex Profit Multiplier presentation:

Click Here To Watch The Presentation & Learn The Trick

The $20,000 Secret Weapon

The “secret weapon” behind his discovery is the Forex Profit Multiplier that he paid over $20,000 to develop that can predict with a high level of accuracy which way any of the 6 major Forex pairs are headed in the next 8 hours…

forex profit multiplier1 Forex Profit Multiplier Video 1

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Success in forex trading is dictated by planning and strict adherence to established Forex strategies.  These are just a couple tips but to learn a lot more you should learn about the Forex Profit Multiplier.  In fact, this market is unkind to indiscipline traders. Statistics show that about 90% of new traders who do not have plans make loses. In addition, those who make profit would have made more with the following strategies, but first the benefits of trading in forex.

Why trade in forex?

  • It is very convenient as it is open 24 hour a day.
  • Leverage- the stock market offers a leverage of 2:1; forex gives a leverage of over 100:1
  • Most forex brokers do not charge commissions.
  • The forex market business is worth trillions of dollars.
  • Minimum starting balance could be as low as $100.

Tips for Trading in Forex

5902557577 0cceab6259 m Forex Profit Multiplier Blog   7 Key Forex StrategiesSet Capital and Plan your Finances

Firstly, you need to understand yourself and your risk tolerance level. This involves choosing and allocating the amount of capital that is neither too much nor too little. Come up with a financial plan, that will guide you as your learn the business till when you become good at it.

Set your goals

Making a 3% profit at the beginning could be acceptable to you. However, as you become more experienced, this could be unacceptable. Setting goals at the beginning will ensure that you do not stagnate at one point. In addition, it helps you see and be motivated of where you are going. Such a plan should have a time-frame; ample time should be set for learning- trial and error.

Choose a broker carefully

A trader not only sells and buys forex on your orders; he/she will advice where necessary. Consequently, his expertise and experience in the business should match you goal. Find out if the system or software they use are at par with your goals. Above all, they should offer you quality customer care.

Account type and leverage ratio

Many accounts are offered by brokers thus choosing can be confusing. However, the basic principle is to start with a lower leverage level. A standard account is for those with some knowledge of forex strategies; beginners should opt for a mini account.

Increase Your Account Deposits from Organic Gains

Always start with a small amount and as suggested earlier, low leverage. Allow the account to grow from you profits- organic gains. Pumping cash from an external source is not advisable as you begin.

Currency Pair

Carefully choose a currency pair and stick to it. World currency markets are complicated and at times chaotic. Consequently, it is best to choose a currency pair that you best understand and are familiar with.

Knowledge is power

To a forex trader, knowledge is actually profit. Therefore, the more knowledge you have on forex, the better. Knowledge limits greed. Moreover, it ensures that your decisions to trade is based on facts and not emotions.

As long as the above 7 key points have been strictly adhered to, you should not give up on trading. There are many forex strategies to make profit. However, it would be a lie to say that they work all the time. The best talent in this business learned the tricks over time.

To learn more you need to see my Forex Profit Multiplier review and bonus to start making real money now.

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Forex Profit Multiplier - Learning More Forex

March 6, 2020

Do you enjoy forex trading?  The Forex Profit Multiplier will really help you learn more and there isn’t any time much better than right now to get into it! You might have tons associated with questions, but browse the tips beneath first, and you will find a few answers. Read the actual tips below and [...]

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